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With our enterprise-class offender management system and unrivaled corrections expertise, Syscon delivers robust and dependable solutions. We enable collaboration, efficiency, and risk reduction in the unique and ever-changing corrections environment.

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We support our comprehensive offender management system with a team of industry experts. We provide business analysis, software implementation, training, project management, technical support, and more to our clients across the world.

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The largest, busiest, and most complex corrections agencies in the world rely on Syscon Justice Systems. With over 35 years working with corrections agencies, our software helps our clients reduce risk and make a positive impact on public safety.

We’re committed to improving operational efficiencies and effectiveness while providing better outcomes for offenders. Request a demo today to see what we can do for your agency.

Our Mission

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“Working closely with our clients, we’re on a mission to transform traditional offender management. Together, we’re tackling new challenges and adapting to the changing corrections environment.”

– Kerry Lynn, Executive Vice President

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With offices on three continents, Syscon has worked with corrections…
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