A Comprehensive Offender Management System (OMS): Syscon Elite

Syscon Elite is a proven digital solution designed for comprehensive offender management across different correctional settings. Our system provides a suite of features tailored to meet the unique needs of prisons, jails, probation, and parole environments. Our solution integrates a comprehensive OMS platform to enhance the efficiency and security of correctional agencies, including:

  • Inmate and Offender Tracking: Real-time monitoring of inmate locations, activities, and status. 
  • Assessments and Case Planning: leverage a unified end-to-end case plan to improve outcomes and compliance 
  • Advanced Sentence Management: Accurate calculation of sentences, early-release eligibility, and parole schedules.
  • Dynamic Reporting and Incident Management: Tools to create, manage, and analyze incidents and administrative reports. 
  • Financial and Trust Accounting: Robust management of inmate finances, including commissary operations. 
  • Program and Service Management: Organizes and tracks educational, work, and rehabilitation programs.

Advanced Integration Tools for Enhanced Management

Syscon Elite is enhanced with specialized tools designed to optimize operations and decision-making across correctional facilities: 

  • SABRE Automation Tool: Streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and fosters inter-departmental collaboration for increased efficiency. 
  • Insights Business Intelligence: Our Business Intelligence and Analytics platform delivers real-time data visualizations, trend analysis, and customizable dashboards and reports to empower informed decisions. 
  • Elite Docs: Facilitates efficient document management by allowing easy creation, secure storage, and quick retrieval of digital documents. 
  • Jasper Reports: Offers robust, flexible reporting capabilities, enabling detailed and adaptable reports to support compliance and operational improvements. 

Specialized Adaptations for Each Correctional Setting

Elite provides customized solutions tailored to each correctional agency’s unique needs in both custodial and community environments.


  • Focuses on long-term sentence management and parole eligibility, coupled with comprehensive rehabilitation programs like education and substance treatment. 
  • Provides tools for incident and visitation management, along with collaborative features for pre-parole planning.


  • Equipped with mobile management tools for diverse caseloads and detailed tracking of financial obligations and compliance. 
  • Supports comprehensive oversight of community service and performance through tools for generating pre-sentence reports. 


  • Optimized for high-turnover environments with efficient booking, release processes, and inmate classification tailored for both sentenced and unsentenced individuals. 
  • Features automated management of detentions and enhanced capacity and re-entry planning.


  • Designed for long-term supervision and integrated case planning, with tools for scheduling and reporting parolee activities. 
  • Includes coordination tools for managing sanctions and robust collaboration features for effective re-entry planning. 
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