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Moving to the cloud is a big decision. Before you make any plans, you need to know that your implementation partner understands your business. By working with Syscon to move your OMS off premise into a fully managed cloud environment, you will save on support, reduce the need for internal database administrators, and gain peace of mind by moving day-to-day support into the hands of an expert team.

Data security, redundancy, and accessibility are all risks that you need to consider before moving your OMS to a hosted environment. Syscon is your partner when it comes to developing a cloud migration plan and maintaining your implementation. We’ll work with your team to conduct a risk analysis, optimize Syscon for your preferred cloud provider, and ensure that all regulatory and business requirements are met.

Syscon Managed Services

Not ready for the cloud, but looking to save money on database and application administration? Syscon offers managed services to provide your agency with expert-level administration of you OMS application and database for a fraction of the typical operating cost of an in-house managed solution.

When it comes to IT infrastructure, we know that every agency is unique. We’ll work with your IT team to find a solution that saves you money while ensuring the security and reliability you depend on. Download our brochure and reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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Implementation Projects

Our clients stay with us year after year because we have a proven track record of successful implementations. Our delivery projects cover the full spectrum of planning, implementation, configuration, integration, training, and support. We take pride in addressing our clients’ requirements on time and within budget.

  • Our project management, business analysis, and data conversion methodologies will ensure that your implementation is successful and completed on time.
  • We provide interface development to enable seamless integration with you legacy and third-party systems.
  • Our custom legal sentence calculation has been proven across multiple client projects in Canada, Australia, England, and the United States.
  • Syscon product specialists provide ongoing support and training to ensure that your team is getting the most out our solution.
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Organizational Optimization

Our experts will review your system and identify opportunities for improvement, including:

  • Annual Impact of Technology Assessment — We’ll identify new pressures on your agency and identify solutions. Above all, our approach centers on addressing these issues using software you already own.
  • Business Process Study — We’ll analyze how you’re using your IT systems based on your policies and business processes. Following the analysis, we’ll provide recommendations on operational efficiencies.
  • Training — We’ll identify training opportunities in your organization and produce training plans, programs, and other course materials.
  • Configuration Services — Our experts will perform configuration changes that result from business process study.
  • Business Process Re-engineering — We’ll provide change management support to implement efficiencies and process changes with a structured plan.
  • Managed Services — Our experts will administer your system to protect your investment and keep your operations running efficiently.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Syscon understands data and how corrections agencies can leverage it. Whatever analysis you need help with, reports you need to build, or business intelligence software tools you need to implement, Syscon is your partner to get the data out.

  • Dashboard Building – We’ll create executive dashboards so agency leadership can keep an eye on what’s happening day to day and operations dashboards to keep front-line teams on the same page.
  • Reports Study – Taking a look at your existing reporting, we’ll help you improve efficiency and ensure you’re getting the most out of your data.
  • Big Data – How can you use your data to run a better agency? To make a better impact on public safety? We’ll help you make sense of your data.

Interfaces and Integrations

Syscon helps corrections agencies eliminate duplicate data entry and manual data exchange. Consequently, this reduces the risk of dangerous data errors and speeds up daily operations. Our team will work with you to ensure that we can:

  • Enable your teams and agency partners to work across IT systems. We’ll provide interfaces and advocate for DOJ, NIEM, and ACA data exchange standards.
  • Utilize our library of interfaces to deliver seamless integration between our systems and common, third-party corrections systems. If we don’t have the interface, our experts will build a new one.

Mobility and Mobile Devices

From mobile phones, tablets, or kiosks to bar code scanners, RFID devices, or biometric scanners, we’ve seen it all. If you’re ready to adopt or grow the use of mobile devices within your operation, we’re here to help.

  • Kiosks – Offenders can use kiosks or tablets as part of rehabilitation programs, with commissary and trust, to submit grievances, and to access limited information about themselves.
  • Imaging and Biometrics – Use cameras, fingerprint scanners, and other devices in your business processes such as booking, release, housing, and gang affiliation.
  • Tablets – Corrections officers and case workers can use tablets to access offender information while not at their desk, update facility counts, and offender records.
  • RFID and Barcode Scanners – Barcodes and RFID swipes can automate documented cell checks, inventory counts, and commissary processes.


Offender Management System Support

Issues will arise. Despite our best efforts, software solutions sometimes behave in unexpected ways.

If you encounter a problem with your solution, please let us know via email or telephone — whichever is more convenient. We’ll respond promptly, troubleshoot the issue, and determine if a workaround is possible. If necessary, we’ll produce a fix as quickly as possible and send it to you.


Toll-Free North American Support Line (24 x 7): +1 888.797.2662

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