The Next Generation of Corrections Case Management

Syscon’s comprehensive, fully-integrated case management tool Elite, provides complete corrections coverage for all corrections processes — jails and prisons, probation and parole, halfway houses and community supervision, adult and juvenile. All our applications run against the same database, guaranteeing real-time access and awareness to anyone who needs it.

Take advantage by operating our custodial and community supervision product centers together in one implementation of Syscon Elite. This strategy brings operational benefit throughout every offender life cycle — especially during periods of transition from a custodial to a community setting, or back again. Officers across any jurisdiction can share intelligence, collaborate on decisions, and lower costs while enhancing continuity to help break the cycle of recidivism.


Syscon Elite for Prisons bundles Syscon’s custodial applications into a comprehensive prison management software package for state-wide agencies that manage longer-term stays by more serious offenders.

  • Sentence calculation and early-release eligibility for lengthy or lifetime supervision
  • Intensive programs and services for long-stay prisoners: work assignments, recreation, accredited programs for offending behavior, education/job training, and substance treatment
  • Agency-wide capacity oversight, incident reporting, and visitation administration
  • Inmate trust accounting, commissary management, and integrated electronic health records (EHR)
  • Configurable assessments for classification and program participation, including Equivant’s Northpointe COMPAS decision support tool-set
  • Collaborative pre-parole investigation, hearings, outcomes, and planning
  • An integrated calendar of inmate schedules and movements — plus transportation services for transferring prisoners throughout your jurisdiction

Syscon Elite covers all 17 common business functions specified by the Corrections Technology Association (CTA) to help you comply with American Correctional Association (ACA) standards.

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aerial shot of a prison complex
rows of cells in a jail hallway


Syscon Elite for Jails provides everything you need to run a county jail or police lock-up in a single, end-to-end jail information management system. All the essentials for your staff and inmates are configured for effective and efficient operation in jails of any size.

  • Jail booking process and dashboards geared for high-volume intakes and releases.
  • Classification, restrictions and privileges for sentenced and un-sentenced inmates.
  • Automated remand/detention, holds, warrants, bail, bond, sentences, and community release.
  • Configurable assessments and classification tools, including COMPAS.
  • Handling of incidents (like PREA or use of force) and inmate welfare requirements (like self-harm prevention) in accordance with American Jail Association (AJA) standards.
  • Advanced capacity management and re-entry planning.

Syscon Elite provides a cohesive housing assignment feature, movement scheduling and tracking, integrated case management, work and educational programs, health care, and the best jail trust accounting applications available.   

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Syscon Elite for Probation assembles everything you need for a county probation department in a single probation case management system. Designed around American Probation & Parole Association (APPA) standards, Elite Probation supports the ever-increasing multi-agency involvement in supervision.

  • Mobile workload management for high-volume or specialized caseloads.
  • Graduated sanctions and violation of conditions, linked with court hearings, and outcomes.
  • Production aids for pre-sentence investigation reports.
  • Jurisdiction-wide online catalog of programs and services.
  • GAAP-compliant Community Financials accounting applications to manage probationer financial obligations, track compliance against court orders, and process transactions.
  • Automated information updates to officers on significant developments in caseloads.

With Syscon for Probation, your organization has complete oversight of community service: probationer performance, project vacancies, and tracking the effectiveness of community service projects.

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a probation officer meeting with an offender


Syscon Elite for Parole bundles Syscon’s community applications in a single, integrated offender case management package that is configured for a state-wide parole supervision network. Syscon Elite provides integrated case planning, assessments, parolee scheduling, reporting, programming and financial obligations, supplemented with specialized features for parole agencies operating over a large territory.

  • Long-term case planning and record of supervision, maintaining a complete history permanently-accessible even for lifetime offenders.
  • Collaborative pre-parole investigation, hearings, and outcomes.
  • Sanctions and coordination with parole authorities for violations and returns to custody.

Collaborate with custodial facilities and community-based service providers in re-entry planning, information sharing, program referrals and field work, even before the parolee is released.

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