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Syscon Elite’s Financials — Trust Accounting, Inmate Payroll and Community Financials — provides comprehensive management of inmate funds in jails and prisons. It gives you the platform to manage financial obligations of probationers and parolees using easy-to-configure, double-entry postings and business rules. From the simplest receipts and disbursements to the most complex indigent loans/grants, and automatic deductions for inmate obligations, Syscon provides the most powerful and flexible tools available. Syscon is compliant with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), American Correctional Association (ACA), and American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) standards.

For a complete jail accounting solution, add Billing of Services to calculate costs billed to other agencies for inmate stays and miscellaneous charges such as medical visits or transportation.

Trust Accounting

Syscon Elite’s Trust Accounting manages inmate/prisoner funds with applications and business rules which can be set up for one jail or a state-wide network of prisons. Leveraging over 30 years of client-driven development in a range of jurisdictions, Syscon meets the unique policy, legislative and reporting requirements of your agency.

  • Configurable, facility-specific transactions and posting logic.
  • Manage Offender balances, obligations, transaction histories, spending limits and holds, fees, minimum balances, indigent support, and the ability to suspend disbursements.
  • Transfer trust accounts between facilities as offenders are moved.
  • Use shift-end/month-end/year-end reconciliation processes designed expressly for jails and prisons.
  • Automatic facility-specific deductions from offender receipts, with configurable default beneficiaries and percentages, and offender payment plans for specific obligations.

Syscon Elite Trust Accounting also supports check printing, smart cards, forensic audit, and integration with standard/common third-party money transfer providers.

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An inmate reading a book

Inmates sitting around a table with snacks


Generate revenue using Syscon Elite’s Commissary to operate your own canteens. We offer complete inventory management and retail functions to operate an unlimited number of store locations throughout correctional facilities. Syscon Commissary is fully integrated with Trust Accounting via electronic funds transfer for inmate transactions and enforcement of spending limits or restrictions.

  • Optimized purchase orders, receiving, vendor invoices/payments/returns.
  • Replenish orders based on configurable min/max inventory totals.
  • Process inmate orders in-person, from kiosk or tablet, or by printed order sheets.
  • Enable point of sale/order processing with barcode/magnetic stripe/PDAs/OMR bubble sheet.
  • Configure limits on inmate canteen spending and item quantities.
  • Enforce inmate restrictions or suspend canteen privileges for medical or disciplinary reasons.

With Syscon Elite Commissary, you are in control of your commissary operations. You can even permit non-offender transactions as well.

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Community Financials

Syscon Elite’s Community Financials provides IFRS-compliant, double-entry accounting for probationer/parolee court-ordered payments, fines, cost-of-supervision fees, and joint-and-several liabilities. Process transactions through staffed facilities, kiosks, or web-portal access for self-service processing.

  • Syscon Elite Community Financials is entirely separate and independent from Syscon Trust Accounting. Obligations like child support can be set up to transfer when inmates are released to the community (or back again).
  • Modify business rules and posting logic for policy or legislative changes, and set up different collection profiles in different regions or counties, without programming.
  • For agencies that simply track obligations: set up a payment plan/schedule for each probationer or parolee, with current figures for balances paid and outstanding.
  • For agencies who have to collect: collect receipts, disbursements and reconciliation of fees and obligations in a transaction register, and standard financial reports.

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