Complete Electronic Health Records for Inmates

Syscon’s medical module provides a complete electronic health record for inmates. Syscon Medical is totally embedded within the oversight of custodial supervision provided by Syscon Jail and Prison.

  • For your health care professionals (doctors and nurses, dentists, psychologists and psychiatrists), a HIPAA-compliant patient record and all the tools necessary to run a clinic or infirmary.
  • For your correctional officers and staff: information, tools and alerts for safe scheduling and transport of inmates for sick calls, internal or external referrals, self-harm prevention, meal planning, commissary item restrictions, distribution of medications, or substance abuse treatment.

Designed to help agencies comply with NCCHC (National Commission on Correctional Health Care) standards and accreditation, Syscon Medical is set up with integrated pharmacy, laboratory and telemedicine applications for effective health care delivery well into the future.

Physical Health

Tools for looking after the physical well-being of inmates and prisoners from admission to release.

  • Intake screenings in an easy workflow, tightly integrated with the jail/prison admission process, and following national accreditation standards.
  • A complete record of medical appointments, cancellations, or no-shows, including: conditions, vitals, allergies, treatment plans, medications, SOAPE notes and configurable form sets.
  • Chronic disease management programs and clinics.
  • Mobile medication administration to inmates inside housing units.

An unlimited number of health questionnaires which can automatically trigger medical alerts.

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Dental Health

Electronic dental records for inmates and prisoners, featuring:

  • Dental referrals and appointments, dental plan and periodic exams.
  • Graphical dental charts for each inmate, dental history, tooth conditions, candidate or planned procedures and progress notes.

Co-ordination with Syscon Commissary for provision of dental hygiene items.

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Mental Health

Electronic health records for behavioral specialists with easy-to-navigate applications that expedite diagnosis and treatment delivery inside custodial facilities:

  • Automatic triggers from intake screening for new admissions requiring assessment.
  • Automated alerts and status updates from across the entire correctional system when you need them for review or sharing with treatment facilities

Single-screen dashboards displaying all pertinent patient information and tracking multiple episodes of care for developmental, psychosocial, and substance abuse issues.

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