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Connect with Syscon: Follow Us On Social Media

With offices on three continents, Syscon has worked with corrections agencies across the world for over 35 years. As a result, we’ve seen a lot and our diverse team has a lot to say. Whether it’s about software, corrections, or anything in between, we want to keep you up to date with our latest developments, and what better way than through social media! Check us out on Linkedin, twitter, and Instagram to keep up with the latest Syscon news. We’ll be posting regularly about trade shows, new product enhancements, and other fun stuff.

What to Expect on Each Platform

We’re using Linkedin, twitter, and Instagram because the format on each platform aligns closely to what we want to share.

  • On Linkedin, you can expect to see product news, hiring notifications, and insight from our industry experts.
  • On twitter, we’ll be sharing info on upcoming tradeshows, links to articles, and more.
  • On Instagram, we’ll be highlighting team events, why it’s awesome to work for Syscon, and other social news.

I Don’t Like Social Media, But I Want Syscon News

Are you taking a break from social media? We’ve got you covered. Keep your eye on our News section for updates, insights, and musings from our team. Most of our social media content will find it’s way back to our site, so keep your eyes open!